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L to R - Steve, Brian, Geoffrey and DavidThese posts are the record of walks in Northumbria enjoyed, since March 2011, by a group of 4 friends, Brian, Geoffrey, Steve and myself.

My daughter came up with the title ‘Footloose’ for our group, and I’ve used that in my blog.

Clive and Robin joined us in late 2013, P1000412awhen Brian reluctantly withdrew, and we eventually began a series of walks from mouth to source of, first the South Tyne, and later the North Tyne.

After the Tyne, we decided to walk the River Coquet, the only river wholly in Northumberland, and completed the 60 or so miles from Amble on the coast to the source high up in the Cheviot hills above Alwinton.

We’ve also walked St. Oswald’s Way from Heavenfield to Holy Island, and have nearly finished both the East and West Allen Rivers.  We’re hoping to navigate the Northern Heritage route in 2019.

If you’re interested in more detailed information about Northumbrian and Derbyshire churches, why not follow the blog of vicar, Peter Barham, as he details the visits he makes around the country.  Good photos and some fascinating commentaries.

You can catch his blog at http://www.northernvicar.co.uk/


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