25. Newbrough in November – 14th November 2012

Three of Footloose journeyed west (away from the bad weather predicted by the Met. Office) to the small village of Newbrough in the Tyne Valley.  We parked adjacent to the War Memorial in the main street (the old Roman road of Stanegate), admired the wonderful Town Hall which had been donated to the village by a local benefactress in 1876, and then set off north along a minor road.P1050256

After a few hundred yards along here, we turned left along a footpath, through an attractive wood and over a lovely stone bridge over Meggie’s Dene Burn.  We followed the stream south west for a while, then through a kissing gate and into a grassy field, over a stone stile and a minor road, and finally over another bridge and into a sheepy field with a large pond.  St. Peter’s Church came into view across the field and we entered the graveyard though a little wooden gate.P1050237

Unfortunately, the church was locked, so we had to forgo our usual investigations (maybe one for the future ?) but took the opportunity of a seat in the sunshine to have a coffee stop.  We emerged onto a road and headed west, but left it shortly, turning towards the Stonecroft group of cottages.  We had an interesting chat here with a local resident, who explained some fascinating facts about bees and wood.

The next part of the journey took us over a small wooden bridge, a stile, up a steepish bank to some houses on the roadside.  It was easy walking on a farm track to Fell Cottage, before we turned off south-westward to descend quite steeply, over a stream and into some arable fields. From here there was a lovely raised track to Allerwash Buildings, with some superb views eastward along the Tyne Valley.  The listed dovecote and pigsty was very photogenic !P1050243

Walking on towards Allerwash Hall, we joined the road that ran eastwards, passing P1050248through a wooded area, where we stopped in a clearing for lunch.  With time on our side, we extended the walk by leaving the road to follow a gravel drive down under the railway to the river bank.  This was a delightful stroll through grass paddocks alongside the river towards some cottages, finally crossing back over the railway, and thence into Newbrough via the Stanegate.P1050254

Another day without rain, in very pleasant countryside in the Tyne valley.  Superb !


About gardeningdave

Retired - living in Northumberland - walk, usually every two weeks, with a group of three or four friends in the wider Northumbria.
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